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 Sullivan's Sluggers Kickstarter fiasco

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Peter Urkowitz

Peter Urkowitz

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Sullivan's Sluggers Kickstarter fiasco Empty
PostSubject: Sullivan's Sluggers Kickstarter fiasco   Sullivan's Sluggers Kickstarter fiasco Icon_minitimeTue Mar 19, 2013 8:19 pm

Read all about it here:

There's a fair amount of he-said-she-said in this situation, so it's barely possible that Mark Andrew Smith is not entirely in the wrong. But what clinches him in my mind as the complete villain of this story, is that he is criticizing the artist James Stokoe, who is in fact the primary draw for the whole project.

Furthermore, in the comments to that article, Tyler Crich makes a very good point, reminding us about a similar situation from a few years back:

Quote :
tyler crich
I picked up Mark Smith's Aqua Leung years ago and was completely on board for what was set up to be a long and ambitious series. Unfortunately it didn't make it past the first volume because of a highly public and unprofessional falling out between him and collaborator Paul Maybury on Livejournal of all places where Smith ended up claiming the relationship to be the worst thing to ever happen to him in his life. I hate to see Stokoe getting a similar treatment, although he is handling it like a gentleman. When Aqua Leung fell apart I chalked it up under "stuff happens" but now it's pretty clear who was probably more at fault. If you'll excuse me, this has given me the urge to go pick up some books put out by Maybury and Stokoe.

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Sullivan's Sluggers Kickstarter fiasco
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