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  IFX Comic Artist Bookazine

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Joe Lee

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PostSubject: IFX Comic Artist Bookazine   Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:39 pm

ImagineFX Comic Artist Bookazine...

I just picked this up over the weekend. I believe it's another one of those compilations of previous published materials, that they do. But I didn't recognized much of it, and the disk has a lot of stuff on it, including comic art photoshop brushes. Even if you have some of them already it's a nice idea to have the whole bunch all  on one disk.

I didn't pick up the current issue of ImagineFX, the one on the newstand was December, and didn't strike me as worth it, color palettes and refreshing your painting skills? Plus there was no CD in the issue, hey seem to be switching to a digital download format instead of a CD in the mag.

I can't Imagine that's a good idea. Sure it saves manufacturing costs. But now you may be able to access all the goodies without actually buying anything. Just look online or in a newstand copy to see whatever password, if any is needed. Then just download the free stuff...
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IFX Comic Artist Bookazine
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