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 Al Plastino RIP

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Terry M (Ditko Fan)


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PostSubject: Al Plastino RIP   Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:51 am

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Peter Urkowitz


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PostSubject: Re: Al Plastino RIP   Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:54 am

Very sad indeed. A great artist and a good guy.

Especially sad that he had to fight that battle, at the end of his life, about whether his JFK/ Superman art should be in the JFK library or up for auction. I had been rooting for him to get some justice there, but time just ran out. Maybe his family will get to the bottom of it, I hope.
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PostSubject: Re: Al Plastino RIP   Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:56 pm

Not that we shouldn't be sad at Al Plastino's passing, but it's probably a sadness just for ourselves. Another piece of our childhoods is no longer with us in quite the same way and, I've seen reported, he was the last great living Golden Age comics artist. But, wow, what a great career and for that matter, life! He was successful by his own efforts in several areas of the art world. I believe his Supergirl will be considered the definitive one for many years if not forever. To top off being an incredible talent, by all accounts he was an incredible human being. Sure, we're sad, but well done, Mr. Plastino!
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PostSubject: Re: Al Plastino RIP   

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Al Plastino RIP
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